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“America at the Seams” Jigsaw Puzzle

“America at the Seams” Jigsaw Puzzle

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Description:  Stuck at home?  This is the perfect activity to bring a baseball family together!  We have partnered with Shutterfly to produce two different size jigsaw puzzles of our exclusive “America at the Seams” artwork.  The 252 piece puzzle measures approximately 14”W x 10”H and the 1,014 piece puzzle measures 30”W x 20”H.  Both ship in a nice black box with a picture of the finished puzzle on the cover.  

The image on the puzzle is a map of the United States made entirely from used tattered baseballs obtained from 50 different persons with powerful stories of how baseball bring America together.  If you want more information on these stories, I would highly encourage you to purchase the accompanying hardcover book here.  Signed copies are still available.  

Proudly printed in the USA.  

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