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Limited Edition Baseball Bat Pen #2

Limited Edition Baseball Bat Pen #2

Sold Out

In December 2017, we released our first ever executive wood pen made from a cracked 2002 Placido Polanco game model baseball bat. All 28 limited edition pens sold out within 48 hours!  Unbelievable.

We are SUPER excited to announce that we’ve agained teamed with John Wade, a local wood artisan in Sioux Falls, with another exclusive release!  Recently, John found an Al Kaline model cracked bat at an antique store here in South Dakota.  The bat had definitely seen better days with a huge crack in the handle; several nails and electrical tape holding it together.  And since our mission here at Baseball Seams Co. involves creating, restoring and transforming broken things into new creations, we thought this was the perfect bat for our second batch of pens! 

A small batch of 25 wood pens was crafted from the Al Kaline model bat. The bat was first cut into 2” blanks, which are then intricately notched to inlay pieces of cherry redwood to resemble our 3-Seams logo made of a cherry redwood.  The top half of the pen is a pine wood stained dark navy blue, which is an intentional tip of the cap to Al Kaline’s 22 years in a Detroit Tigers navy blue uniform. The wood was shaped on a lathe, then sanded and finished twice before applying a shellac  and wax coating for shine. The pen is sharply complimented with bright platinum hardware. 

Meet the Maker
John Wade is a lifelong woodworker based out of Sioux Falls, SD who prefers intricate projects with great stories. His attention to detail is obvious in the finished project. This project is our second of hopefully many collaborations.

Nathan’s “Why” Behind the Bat 
From our owner, Nathan Rueckert:  “This bat reminds me of my early childhood in Kalamazoo, MI.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were making regular summer road trips with my dad to old Tiger Stadium to watch the Tigers play.  To a 5 year old, that stadium seemed bigger than an entire city.  I’d always bring my glove and fantasize about catching a foul ball in the upper deck.  And even though I never brought home a souvenir ball, dad would always stop at the souvenir stand on the way out and pick out a pennant for the late night ride back home.  So for me, when I write with this Al Kaline bat pen, I’ll always be reminded of those memories with dad that will last a life time.  And for me, that’s what Baseball Seams Co. is all about:  creating unique and meaningful products that connect people and transform relationships through the platform of baseball.  I would encourage you to read more about our mission and our story in the About Us section.

Disclaimer:  This product is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated in any way by Al Kaline or the Detroit Tigers.  References of registered trademarks are intended solely to describe the materials used to create the final handmade product.

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