Fundraising Ideas

If you’re looking for creative and unique ways to raise money for a baseball team or for ideas for a baseball silent auction, you’ve come to the right place! The Baseball Seams Co. (BSC) can equip you with the resources needed to make your own baseball seam merchandise, as well as provide you with artwork made from baseballs used by your little league or high school team.

Baseball Seam Bracelets
These bracelets are made from the actual seams and leather from used baseballs. BSC obtains these baseballs from high school and college coaches in the St. Louis area. Leave the scissor cutting and grunt work to us! We’ll provide you with strips of baseball seams that you can easily turn into bracelets or key chains. Depending on wrist size, two bracelets can normally be made from one baseball. All you will need is a fastener (velcro) or to tie both ends of the seams together around your wrist. Click here for pricing

Baseball Seam Key Chains
What better way to show your love for baseball than to have part of one on your key chain! This is a great low-cost item to sell at a concession stand or to give out as a gift to ballplayers. To help minimize your costs, we’ll provide you the materials and let you do the assembly. Materials include a key ring, 2" piece of baseball seam, and a baseball bead to tie on the end. Click here for bulk pricing.

Limited Edition Original Artworks made from YOUR Used Baseballs
If you’re looking for a unique high-end silent auction item, this is it! “America’s Game” artworks beautifully combine the love of baseball and America in a single image – an American flag made from used baseballs. Each is made from three used baseballs and a piece of baseball jersey material. If you provide us with the baseballs, we’ll hand craft your old practice and game-used baseballs into beautiful works of art! These make great coaches gifts and are a great way for parents to permamently display the baseballs used by their sons and daughters. Contact Nathan at to commission your very own original artwork.

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