Baseball Seam Rose Gold Bangle - Made with ACTUAL used baseballs

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Wear your love for the game in style!
Each adjustable, rose gold colored metal bracelet is created from a section of a baseball seam, taken straight from a baseball that earned its scuffs and marks on the field of a high schools, little leagues, or college somewhere in the United States. Each one is crafted by hand, here in South Dakota. This charming piece is the perfect gift or accessory for the lady in your life that loves the game. A portion of each bangle sale will go toward the fight against breast cancer (see Nate's note below). 

The baseball pendant on top is 20mm in diameter and the bracelet opening is adjustable in width. Bracelet metal is made of zinc alloy and is lead and nickel free.  Please note that this is fashion jewelry.  Do not wear bracelet in or submerge in water.  

The variations mean they’re one-of-a-kind.
You’ll notice the seams and leather may have color variation because these pendants are the second lives for these baseballs. Depending on the length of time that baseball spent on the field or in contact with the soil, the baseball portion of your bracelet may vary in color from the product photo above.
It’s also completely normal for there to be slightly frayed portions of the stitching that stray outside of the pendant on the bracelet. Baseball stitching was not designed to be cut, but we have assembled each piece so any loose stitching will be secure. These little marks are not a sign that the product is defective, but instead a unique reminder of the story that each baseball we use has to tell!

A Note from Nate, the Artist.
October is breast cancer awareness month. Each year as this month comes and goes I have desired to contribute to the amazing efforts to cure cancer in our lifetime. Until this year I have not found a way through Baseball Seams Co to participate in this effort but stay true to our customers and brand. This year I think we have figured out a way through our Baseball Seams Co Rose Gold Bangle. This new product is designed with a rose gold finish and simple elegance. $5 from each bangle will go directly to the charity Stand Up To Cancer as they continue the battle to cure breast cancer. Thank you for supporting us as we honor our family and friends who have been affected by breast cancer. 

Nathan Rueckert and The Baseball Seams Co., LLC is NOT sponsored, licensed, endorsed, or affiliated in any way by any baseball manufacturers, professional baseball leagues or competitive associations.