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Batch No. 1 - Wood Baseball Bat Pocket Hearts

Batch No. 1 - Wood Baseball Bat Pocket Hearts

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Remember the game while holding a piece of it in your hand.

PLEASE NOTE that this 1st ever batch of wood pocket hearts is limited to 177 pieces from 10 baseball bats.  

Product Description:  These small pocket hearts were crafted from remnants of 10 different vintage and cracked baseball bats.  Most of these player model bats bore the names of some of the games greatest players - Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Pete Rose, and more.  These bats were cracked, cleated, and worn down.  But the wear and tear experienced by these bats are what make these one-of-a-kind hearts so beautiful.  They are designed to inspire, encourage, and connect you with people that you love.  

The hearts are between 1.5” and 2.5” in size; each uniquely different.  Premium hearts bear noticeable markings from the external bat wood and cost extra with supply being more limited.  Each heart comes with a picture of the original 10 bats and a product card explaining our passion behind the product.  They ship in a protective pouch.  

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