Custom Baseball Seam Keychain

Custom Baseball Seam Keychain


Vintage Brass
Antique Copper

Made from customer’s real, used baseballs!
Take your love of the game with you wherever you go with these handcrafted keychains!

Each keychain is made from a zinc alloy, and you may choose from an antique copper, vintage brass, or gunmetal finish. The baseball circle itself is one inch in diameter and can be easily attached to a keychain or bag with the included key ring and lobster clasp.

These keychains are custom made with YOUR used baseballs - consider it a little piece of living history that make the perfect accessory for you or gift for the baseball lover in your life! 

Please send 1-2 used baseballs to:
Baseball Seams Co
400 S. Sycamore Ave Ste 104-8
Sioux Falls, SD 57110
*all unused balls and materials will be returned

If you see loose threading or a slight color variation, no need to worry.
The natural shape of a baseball is an uncut circle. So when we cut into the baseball and stretch it out into the circle of the keychain, sometimes the threading from the seams of the baseball to escape the edges of the circle. That’s completely normal, don't worry we've secured the piece to prevent any frayingYou’ll notice the seams and leather may have color variation, depending on the length of time that baseball spent on the field or in contact with the soil, the baseball portion of your keychain will vary in color.

Current Lead Time:  You can expect to receive this hand-crafted pieced within 4-5 weeks of Baseball Seams Co. receiving your customer baseballs.  If this is a time sensitive order, please indicate the date you "need to receive this by ____" in the Special Instructions section at checkout and we will try our best to accommodate.

About the Artist
For more information about Nate and Baseball Seams Co., check out our story.

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