"Dreamfield" Autographed Paperback Book by Author Ethan Bryan

"Dreamfield" Autographed Paperback Book by Author Ethan Bryan

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About the Book:

On his forty-first birthday, Ethan travels back to the past for a second chance to relive his senior year of high school and undo the greatest regret of his life. But only God knows how Ethan's new past will affect his future. An exploration of faith and pop-culture, this modern-historical novel appeals to both adult and young adult readers.

About the Author: Ethan Bryan

Ethan Bryan is an author, musician, storyteller, and passionate fan of the Kansas City Royals. Ethan is a Springfieldian through and through, moving to the Queen City at the beginning of his second grade year where he attended Delaware, followed by Jarrett, and Kickapoo. After working in churches for fifteen years, Ethan took a leap and jumped into the world of freelance writing. He has ghost-written books, articles, and blogs. He once entered an anthem-writing contest for the Kansas City Royals and won with his song, The Boys in Blue. Ethan still dreams of one day playing baseball for his beloved World Champion Kansas City Royals and his favorite superheroes are Batman and Spaceman Spiff. 

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