4/7/09 - "Meet the Artist" @ Busch Stadium

Nathan Rueckert

Posted on April 16 2009

Prior to the second game of the 2009 baseball season, the St. Louis Cardinals Team Store at Busch Stadium hosted a “Meet the Artist” session in the stadium. A large display of “America’s Game” products were well displayed across two tables near the outside entrance to the main team store. Team store employees handed out free pieces of baseball seams to a steady stream of baseball fans, who were directed to my tables. It was a lot of fun interacting with fans, explaining my artworks, answering questions, cutting up baseballs (and showing kids the inside of them), and signing autographs.

One family particularly stands out. The parents and two little kids were visiting St. Louis all the way from Denmark, and were attending their first baseball game. I had the joy of explaining to them how much baseball means to America and how closely they are intertwined. I also let them know that St. Louis has the best fans in all of baseball, so hopefully they had a great experience at Busch! The kids, with heavy Dutch accents, kept saying the American flags made from cut-up baseballs were “very cool.” I agree.

The Team Store reps indicated that they are hosting future presentations like mine throughout the 2009 season, mainly on weeknight games, and that they’d like to have me back for future sessions. Stay tuned for future dates….

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  • Bob Sherron: April 17, 2009

    That’s great! Congrats on the meet and greet.

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