Have you ever wondered where baseballs go after they become too dirty, scuffed up or waterlogged to be used in games?  Most just get thrown in the trash, never to be used again.  But if they find their way to The Baseball Seams Company, LLC (BSC), the old, tattered baseballs are given new life.

In September of 2001, BSC founder Nathan Rueckert created a way to express his love for baseball and for America in a single image: an American flag formed from the very seams of America’s game. Rueckert tore off the leather from three used baseballs and cut a swatch of navy blue mesh from an old baseball jersey and hand-crafted the very first “America’s Game” original artwork. Almost immediately, Rueckert founded BSC, obtained necessary copyrights, and looked for more old baseballs. Since 2001, Rueckert has cut-up over 5,000 baseballs and has sold artworks in outlets such as The Baseball Hall of Fame Museum Shop and 5 different Major League Baseball stadiums.  In addition, he has expanded his artwork designs to include baseball seam hearts ("Seams of Love") and Texas State Flags ("Deep in the Heart of Texas"). 

According to the artist, the vintage look is what makes the artwork look so great. “I love how each dirty baseball has its own personality,” says Rueckert. “Some balls are covered with grass stains, while others have ripped seams from a line drive hit up the middle. Each artwork has it’s own story and leaves the baseball fan wondering how many curveballs, pickoff plays, or games of catch with dad in the backyard their original piece has been through.”

BSC is operated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota by the CEO and Founder, Nathan Rueckert, pictured below with his family he loves dearly!  Hope you enjoy the site and please let us know if you have any questions!


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