Our Story


“We strive to honor God and reflect His Love by creating unique, meaningful products that connect people and transform relationships through the platform of baseball.”

What I’ve come to appreciate about the Baseball Seams Company is that we aren’t just an entity that exists to make cool things. It goes much deeper than that. We take old, worthless baseballs and give them new life because that’s what God does with us through Jesus. He takes our brokenness, our failures, our resentment, our addictions, our imperfections and decides to love us anyways.

Unconditionally. Recklessly.

We hear a lot that our products make great gifts because they are such great conversation pieces. So why not make it an intentional conversation? Each artwork is a great opportunity to share your story with them – why you love baseball and maybe who inspired that love. But it’s also a chance to share God’s story and how he molds us into new creations. Life feels pretty heavy when you’ve been left out in the rain. When life weighs us down, God restores us to the game ball He designed us to be.

And although we’ll never do it perfectly, our goal as a company is to reflect God’s love through our products, our customer service, how we interact with vendors, and how we treat one another.

Flash forward to year 17 of the Baseball Seams Company. We’ve grown from just me in my basement to over 10 part-time production analysts and artwork apprentices, a social media team, and an operations manager that oversees it all. We’ve outsourced shop space in downtown Sioux Falls for order fulfillment, shipping and receiving. We've just completed our first published book titled America At The Seams: 50 Stories in 50 States of How Baseball Unites Our Country. Amazing.

- Nathan Rueckert,
Artist, and Founder of The Baseball Seams Co.


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