New Product Alert - Toilet Paper Diamonds, #ed / 200

Nathan Rueckert

Posted on March 31 2020

Sioux Falls, SD

Was your baseball season flushed down the drain this year?  Well look no further!  We have the perfect gift idea for that special baseball fan in your life.  Introducing our first ever Toilet Paper Diamonds limited release!  

Each toilet paper diamond has been meticulously handled by Artist, Nathan Rueckert, and contains a beautifully hand-drawn rendition of a baseball diamond and pitcher's mound on it's premium double pleated surface.  With the super-rare toilet paper material being in high demand this year, Rueckert has limited this release to only 200 diamonds; mainly because his wife threatened marital counseling if he were to take more than one roll from the house.  According to the Artist, this artwork beautifully captures the essence of baseball and America in 2020 for obvious reasons. 

When asked about his inspiration for the product, Rueckert said, "I miss baseball.  And I usually watched it on my phone while sitting on the toilet in 20 to 30 minute intervals while my kids screamed two rooms away, so I had an epiphany and now here we are.  This product has brought me closer to the game than ever before and I'm thankful for the opportunity to bring it to market."  

While most people see toilet paper "squares," Rueckert sees diamonds.  

"There is a huge difference.  Toilet paper squares have four sides.  My toilet paper diamonds have have four corners.  Huge difference."

Rueckert has several patents and a visual arts copyright pending on this product.  Plus, it's more than just an also doubles as a fun family-friendly game! 

"I would encourage you and your family to gather together with your Toilet Paper Diamonds for a game of Round Tripper, which is where you take turns going into the bathroom to attempt to cover the bases with four separate wipes.  You score 1 run for every base you fully cover per sitting.  Another fun challenge is called Charge The Mound, where you try to completely cover the mound with one long swipe.  If you cover all four bases and the mound on one square, you automatically win and no one shakes your hand."  

Rueckert points out that this game is very environmentally friendly and encourages the next generation to think green.  

Similar to our other products, we do anticipate this product to sell out fast.  Retail price per Toilet Paper Diamond is $1.99.  Bulk discounts are available for family game nights. For more information, please email 

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