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Nathan Rueckert

Posted on December 19 2017

I was finally able to sit down late last night to share what is on my heart...

The kiddos are in bed and once again it is a 'silent night'.  

For now.  

Nora, our 2-year-old, routinely wakes us long before the sun comes up.  As such, sleep is high on my Christmas list this year.  Coffee is a close second.  But as I sit in our living room wrapped by the soft glow of Christmas tree lights, I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how thankful I am for your support this past year.  

2017 has been an incredible year for Baseball Seams Co. and one that I'll never forget.  The overall response and feedback we've received from the America At The Seams hardcover book has been unbelievable.  Since book launch 5 weeks ago, more than 2,300 hardcover books have been shipped direct to baseball fans all across the country!  It's been so rewarding seeing the inspirational and heartfelt stories of the 50 individuals being shared and I pray that the book brings honor to their families for generations to come.  So many of you supported this project through the Kickstarter and book pre-sales and I am so grateful for making it a reality!

Thank you also for the tremendous support of our new product launches this year!  I'm still speechless over the hundreds of 'Home For Christmas'  home plate ornaments that sold in under 48 hours.  Do you have one hanging on your tree?  Please share your pics with us and we'll try to repost on Facebook! :)

One of the most meaningful things for me personally in 2017 has been more clearly seeing purpose and calling through what I do in Baseball Seams Co. This business exists to do more than just make cool stuff out of baseballs.  We exist to reflect the love of God through our products in a way that connects people and transforms relationships through the platform of baseball.  We take old worthless baseballs and give them new life because that's what God does with us through Jesus.  

In 2016, our small business had a record year with just over 900 orders all year.  In 2017, we're on pace to fulfill 6,500 orders.  That's 7x.  Sevenfold.

In the Bible, the number seven often signifies the completion or perfection of an event or thing.  I can't help but notice that in the year I finally point to the Creator of all things in a defined mission statement, He has taken this business to a whole new level - completely; and according to His good and perfect plan.  

I have no idea what 2018 has in store.  But what I do know is that God is in control.  I'm thankful for that, and so thankful for all of you and how you help provide for me and my family.  

I better go see if that Elf on the Shelf has found his way to a new spot in the house...

Merry Christmas,

A few family photos to share (wife Micaela, and girls Nora and Nyla), as we've had unseasonably wonderful weather here in South Dakota. 

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