This one is for the fans...

Nathan Rueckert

Posted on September 01 2018

You've stuck in there this long...

this is your month.

It's September. Summer has come and gone. And you are holding out hope that your team wins just enough games to have a fighting chance at a Wild Card.  It is the season of the fanatic. This is the stretch where baseball isn't glamorous anymore. It's about the grind. Playing when it hurts. Not giving up. Maintaining hope.

It is during this time that true fans surface. It is easy to be a fan when the weather is nice and your team is winning and your kids are still excited about hitting the ballpark. But Septembers culls the herd. And we love this season. There are baseball fans and then there are fanatics. This is the season of the fanatic.

September is the Month of the Fan. 

Over the years our fans have commissioned us to make some awesome pieces to express their love for their favorite teams.  Here are some photos we have received over the years from our fans and their custom pieces.

Month of the Fan

As you can we have some pretty creative fans. And they LOVE their teams. Do you have a fanatic in your life? Are you a fanatic? If so we would love to work on a commissioned piece for you before the holiday rush starts.

Learn more about our custom pieces and pricing here:

If you want to talk through some ideas, email back and we'll work through some ideas! 

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