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Nathan Rueckert

Posted on October 04 2017

Renewal. We here at Baseball Seams Co are fascinated by it. Something old and worn becoming something new? Such a curious process. We're a curious bunch though. See we are in love with the bumps, bruises, and blemishes in the old baseballs we receive. We find ourselves lost in the stories and games that must have transpired to create them. They are evidence, the proof really, that something larger happened. And now we add bite marks to our list of endearing qualities.

When customer Jill Dunning reached out to us regarding doing something creative with the balls that her two playful Goldendoodles collect we had a good chuckle. We have seen tens of thousands of used baseballs, but these were the first that had clear teeth marks on them. This is the message she sent us, "We have several of your pieces and are wondering if we could send some balls for you to use. I have attached a picture of my dogs that "find" balls on our morning walks. :) Most are pretty used and some will have teeth marks from the boys if I let them play with them too long before getting back to the house. Let me know what you think." You may not realize it but we get requests for custom artwork nearly daily. This was a bit unique though.

She later wrote us, "I have figured it out. I want the larger size of the state of KS. Could you put a blue star where Wichita would be, then the "plaque" under the state would be in the shape of home plate and say "Home"? Whatcha think? I was going to have you write collected by Jamis & Jude but I can write that on the back. My husband’s idea to do the home plate." We LOVED this idea.

Here is what we came up with.

As you can see we ended up making a piece for Jill's husband as well for his office.

Jill, please thank your "finders" Jude and Jamis. Tell them to keep up the good work. We've always believed baseball was for everyone, including a couple of Goldendoodles.

If you have custom artwork ideas for us, please reach out. If you would like to receive them by Christmas 2017 the order must be placed by October 8th.

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