Small Batch No. 5 - Reclaimed Vintage Wood Bat Products

We’ve collaborated once again with Dennehey Designs in Fort Worth, TX to create a beautiful batch of products from 27 old vintage wood baseball bats.  These bats were sourced from antique and collectible dealers across the country and we’re cut down, carved, and sanded into beautiful keepsakes in July 2022.  Here is the yield from these 27 bats.  Once they are gone, they’re gone!

Each product comes with a postcard picturing the original bats used to create the product along with a note describing it.  

  • NEW 3-Seams Logo Wood Heart Ornaments - 139
  • 'HOPE' Hearts from interior bat wood - 105
  • Premium Pocket Hearts - 113
  • Bat Knob Hearts - 27
  • Bat Barrel Crosses - 120
  • Bat Handle Crosses - 165
  • Tape 'Gripped' Bat Handle Crosses - 45
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