Recently Funded Kickstarter Project – “America At The Seams: How Baseball Stitches America Together”

"America At The Seams"

My name is Nathan Rueckert and I am an Artist in Sioux Falls, SD.  I have a passion for baseball and giving the game new life through the creation of artwork made from the tattered seams and leather of old baseballs.  On the first day of Spring Training this year, I launched an epic Kickstarter project to create a 5 foot wide artwork made completely from old, tattered baseballs.  I promoted the project heavily on my social media pages and I was absolutely blown away by the support received from baseball fans across the country!  The funding period ended on MLB Opening Day with 119 backers pledging over $17,000.  Unbelievable!  

So what's the project all about?  I'm creating a 5 foot wide map of the United States made completely from the leather and red seams of actual used baseballs.  Each state will be made uniquely from balls obtained from that state, but even more, each state's baseballs will be obtained from someone with a powerful story of how baseball is more than just a game.

Why you ask?  If you watch the news these days, it feels like our country is falling apart at the seams.  Democrat vs Republican, White vs Black, Rich vs Poor, Religion vs Religion...the list goes on.  But differences shouldn't divide us, and there are still things in the country that unite; that bring people together from all walks of life....things like baseball.  

I'm proud to announce that First National Bank of Sioux Falls is a presenting sponsor of this project, which will be displayed later this year as an exhibit in their atrium lobby for the public to view.  I'm so thankful for their support of my vision and for how they regularly support small businesses in the region help turn their dreams into a reality.  

I'm also very proud to have Warriors Never Give Up as a distinguished sponsor of this project.  Their non-profit organization exists to serve our nation's veterans through providing a place of relaxation and hope through guided hunts and outdoor adventures in the South Dakota region.   It's an honor to partner with an organization dedicated to helping our nation's heroes heal.

Interested in contributing?  Despite the Kickstarter funding window being closed, you can still contribute to the project by pre-ordering the rewards detailed in the table towards the end of this page.  Funds raised through pre-orders will be put back into the project to assist with marketing efforts and to hire videographers to produce videos of individual stories with a similar look and feel to my video at the top of this page.    

Below are pictures of how the project is progressing.  Later this year, I will build out a separate website with all project content and updates.  Stay tuned!


Project Pre-Order schedule below.  For more info, e-mail :

$5 Receive a thank you and regular project updates as the project develops.
$25 Receive an "America At The Seams" t-shirt available ONLY to project backers.
$50 Receive the backer t-shirt and EITHER an exclusive autographed 16"x20" fine art "America At The Seams" print of the Baseball USA Map, OR an autographed "America At The Seams" coffee table book containing vivid pictures of all 50 individual states and each accompanying story.
$100 Receive the backer t-shirt, autographed coffee table book, AND an exclusive autographed 16"x20" fine art print. NOTE: All $100 level or higher backers will be thanked by name in the book's credits!
$250 Receive the t-shirt, autographed print and coffee table book, PLUS an "America's Game" baseball American Flag original artwork as pictured at the end of the video. Artwork is made from actual used baseballs and is individually signed & numbered by the Artist, Nathan Rueckert. Comes in a double-white mat and 11"x14" black frame.
$1,000 Receive the t-shirt, autographed print, coffee table book and "America's Game" original artwork, PLUS have the honor of being a Distinguished Sponsor listed at the beginning of the coffee table book and on a plaque next to wherever the artwork is displayed. This is an opportunity for your family, brand or company to be permanently associated with making this project come to life.
$2,500 Receive the t-shirt, autographed print, coffee table book, "America's Game" original artwork and Distinguished Sponsor rewards, your own event! Have Artist Nathan Rueckert come to your location to host an event for your clients or employees. He will exhibit his artwork and tell powerful stories showcased through this project.
$10,000 Receive all lower level rewards PLUS have the unique distinction of being a Presenting Sponsor, which gives you the right to display this massive one-of-a-kind artwork in your place of business as an exhibit for a period of 3 months and have right to include this iconic project in your company's marketing campaigns. Very proud to announce that First National Bank Sioux Falls is already a Presenting Sponsor. Only 2 more Presenting Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Do you have a powerful story about baseball to tell?

Please e-mail me your story to for a chance to have your story be part of this project and told to millions of baseball fans across the country.  For any questions regarding this project or sponsorship opportunities, please call Nathan directly at 314-606-4280. I invite you to join me on this fantastic journey by following #AmericaAtTheSeams on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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