Autographed Book Bundle - "America At The Seams" and "Year of Playing Catch”

Autographed Book Bundle - "America At The Seams" and "Year of Playing

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Celebrate the storytelling of baseball by purchasing your copy of America At The Seams and A Year of Playing Catch.  Each bundle includes one signed copy of each book.  

America At The Seams is a baseball artwork storytelling project successfully crowd-funded Kickstarter in April 2016.  Artist Nathan Rueckert was commissioned to create a 5 foot wide map of the United States from old, tattered baseballs obtained directly from 50 persons in 50 states with powerful stories of hope, perseverance, overcoming adversity, and how baseball unites our country.  Baseball writer, Ethan Bryan, has helped bring these stories to life in an iconic hardcover book.  

A Year of Playing Catch follows prolific author and avid baseball fan Ethan Bryan on a journey to play catch every day for a year.  Discover the lessons he learned about the sacredness of play, finding connections, and being fully present to the human experience.





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