Batch No. 3 Baseball Bat Pocket Hearts

Batch No. 3 Baseball Bat Pocket Hearts

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Remember the game while holding a piece of it in your hand.

Product Description:  Our 3rd Batch of pocket hearts were crafted from 22 different vintage baseball bats.  These bats were cracked, cleated, and worn down.  But the wear and tear experienced by these bats are what make these one-of-a-kind keepsakes so beautiful.  They are designed to inspire, encourage, and connect you with people that you love.  These are in stock and ship in 1-2 business days.  

The hearts are between 1” and 2”  in size; each uniquely different. Each comes with a postcard picturing some of the original bats used to create the hearts and a note explaining our passion behind the product.  They ship in a protective gift pouch.  

Note:  there are no premium hearts (ones with prominent writing/logos/names) available at this time.  

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