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Posted on January 27 2020


It's a word that's thrown around in many different ways.  I love my wife, her amazing cooking and how she pours herself into raising our 3 beautiful girls.  I love Lake Michigan sunsets and how the bright oranges slowly turn to reds, purples, and blues as the sun dips into the water.  I love my family, buffalo chicken pizza, when my kids sleep through the night, Excel spreadsheets, and all flavors of Doritos.  

And every spring time, when I hear the crack of a wood bat hitting a ball, the pop of a catcher's mitt framing a strike, and the voice of Mike Shannon on KMOX, I'm reminded of how much  

But the more I think about why I love baseball so much, the more I realize my love for the game has much less to do with the game itself and much more to do with the relationships that I hold so dearly that connect me to the game.  

We are formally launching a new product tonight that is meant to bring out this affection you have towards a loved one in your life - it's a version of our "Seams of Love" baseball heart artwork collection titled "I Love You More."

This artwork makes me think of the life-long friendships I've developed with teammates in the past - the brotherly love we have through the camaraderie of road trips, dugout pranks, and grinding through tough seasons of life together.  I love baseball, but...I love them more.  

I think of little league and high school coaches, who volunteer countless hours of time to pour sacrificial love into their players to teach them lessons about the game - but more importantly - lessons about life that mold us into who we are today.  To the special coach in your life, this artwork says:  I love baseball, but...I love you more.

I think of my Mom & Dad, who introduced me to the game; who spent my childhood playing catch with me until the street lights came on; who took me on fun road trips to MLB games where we created memories for a lifetime; who now work alongside me creating some of our baseball products.....I love baseball, but...I love you more.  

I think of my wife, who puts up with my crazy schedule; loves and supports our 3 girls; stays on top of our busy family activities calendar; and serves others in a way that points me to Jesus.  I love baseball, but....I love you more.  

My prayer for this product is that it's more than just a wall hanging.  I pray that it's an opportunity for you to tell someone special in your life how much they mean to you and what makes them so special.  Please consider purchasing this as a gift for that special someone and help us with our mission to create more products that connect people and transform relationships through the platform of baseball.

To celebrate this release, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY we'll be offering the "Seams of Love" artwork in a white* frame. Now choose from black, white*, or walnut!
*while supplies last
Shop "Seams of Love" Collection
PS - our entire Valentine's Day Collection is now LIVE on our site!  You can view it here. Artwork deadline is Feb. 6 and ready-to-ship accessories need to be ordered by Feb. 9 in order to receive them in time for Valentine's Day.

PSS - Only 16 more days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training!  

As always, we appreciate your support.  

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