Pocket Hearts & Crosses - Meet the Makers

Nathan Rueckert

Posted on February 02 2022

I wanted to take some time to highlight the amazing makers behind our very popular wood pocket hearts and crosses made from vintage baseball bats. I previously featured their work from Batch 1 in a blog post, but the entire batch of 16 baseball bats sold out so fast I didn't have a chance to introduce you to the makers themselves! 

Meet Shane, Bonnie and the team from Dennehey Design in Fort Worth, Texas.  For the last 20 years, Shane and Bonnie have been on a journey that has led them to operate Dennehey Design as a full-time business at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  

Shane began his career as a woodworker and then served as a graphic designer and creative director for several churches and ministries.  Meanwhile, Bonnie gained expertise in logistics, project management, and customer service while serving at many firms and churches.  All the while, God was equipping and shaping them for the roles He has them in today.  

In the fall of 2001, Shane & Bonnie began selling wooden crosses and home decor made from all types of old reclaimed wood, including old piano wood.  The business grew gradually over two decades before they finally decided to go all-in at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  

God blessed the company as soon as they shifted their focus to Dennehey Design.  Today, their team is 12 people strong.  They love serving their customers, sharing God's love, and spreading the Word with unique wooden decor...all handcrafted with love!

Three basic beliefs drive their labor of love:

  • Woodwork is artwork - Shane and Bonnie love creating beauty with handmade products and love bringing new things into the world.  Their creations are designed to inspire people to share love, hope, and joy.

  • Imperfection is Beautiful - local reclaimed wood is the source of nearly everything they make.  They love using reclaimed wood because they want to do good for the planet....and hate seeing furniture go to waste!  Plus, old antique reclaimed wood has an allure that only comes with age.  (Their 2022 pocket hearts from old piano wood are gorgeous!)

  • We're All Works in Progress - they believe reclaimed wood tells a story - a metaphor for our own lives.  They craft new things from worn-out and neglected furniture, using wood with scars, marks, and character from years of use.  Like the wood, we're all marked by the events of our past.  Yesterday's challenges are what make us who we are today - they give us character.  And every day we're being made new - crafted into beautifully imperfect people.  

What's amazing to me is how similar my journey is to Shane & Bonnie's!  We both started our side businesses 20 years ago (fall of 2001), both decided to quit our day jobs during the pandemic, and both try to reflect God's love through the work of our hands and our businesses.  

I stumbled upon their business last year on Facebook and I asked Shane if he's ever tried carving products from wood baseball bat.  He said he hadn't, but that he'd love to try.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I'm so thankful for this baseball collaboration and the beautiful, meaningful products that the Dennehey Team brings into the world!

For more info, you can visit their website here.  

And if you are looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas, get your orders in by February 4th so they arrive in time. :) 



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