The Chase Your Dreams Project

Nathan Rueckert

Posted on February 18 2022

I'm launching a project this week titled "Chase Your Dreams."  We all have dreams, ideas, and ambitions.  But sometimes adversity in our lives, as well as fear of the unknowns associated with pursuing the dream can stop us in our tracks.  We feel like giving up.  

For 20 years now, literally half of my life, I've created artwork from the leather and seams of old tattered baseballs.  For the longest time, I questioned if this crazy baseball artwork business was a full-time dream that I'm supposed to chase after or just a fun side hobby business.  After all, I have a wife and 3 little girls that depend on me to provide for them.  What if it doesn't work out?  What if I fail?  What if nobody buys my products?  

I wrote down a poem that I hope also encourages you in your journey. 

Chasing your dreams isn't easy.
It's long hours in the cages.
It's hard work in the trenches.
It's being the first one in and the last one to leave.
It's a journey that often takes you through unexpected pitfalls;
   through adversity that makes you feel like quitting.
It's a process that can drag you through brokenness;
   through a refinement disguised as failure.

But you are a dream chaser.

Continue the journey.
Persevere through the pain.
Fail your way forward.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in the dream.
Trust the Dream Giver.

Chase your dreams.

To me, the last line is the most significant.  Trust the Dream Giver.  Do I believe God gave me the vision and inspiration for this business?  Do I trust that He will provide for my family?  Do I really believe God is in control and that He has good and perfect plans for my future?  

After some prayer and self-reflection, the answer to all of these questions was a resounding 'Yes.'  So my last day at my day job is March 4th.  I've been helping them transition the last 5 months on a very part-time basis and now it's time to chase my dream of being a full-time artist, encourager, and content creator using the talents and platform God has given me.  

'Chase Your Dreams' Wood Pen Launch

I'm excited to announce the release of our first product within the Chase Your Dreams project - executive wood pens made specifically from the wood of broken baseball bats obtained from semi-pro and professional baseball players chasing their dreams to make it to the big leagues.  Each pen will have the words "CHASE YOUR DREAMS" laser engraved on the barrel along with our 3-Seams logo.  The bottom half of the pen (the part that you grip) is made from broken baseball bat wood.  The top half of each pen is made from a stock mahogany, black walnut, or red heart wood.  The pens write with black ink and are manufactured for us by a family owned woodworking business in Michigan. 

I love the fact that these pens are made from broken baseball bats.  Going back to the poem above, the symbolism here is that when your bat breaks after life throws you a nasty curveball, or maybe even a Mariano Rivera cut fastball, don't give up on the dream.  Battle through adversity and keep listening to the Dream Giver for guidance.  In the words of King Solomon in the book of Proverbs, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."  

Each pen comes in a black paper gift box and a postcard picturing broken bats on the front and encouraging words on the back.  This is an open-ended edition, so we will continue to release more and more pens as they sell.  

Looking Ahead

In the coming weeks, we will start featuring stories of customers that are Dream Chasers; people pursuing their God given dreams both on and off the field.  I love story telling through my products and can't wait to share with you some of these stories.  We also have a few more products that we plan to release this year within this project.  If you are chasing a dream right now, or know someone who is, I'd love to hear the story.  You can email it to  

For the love of the game…and so much more,

Nathan Rueckert, Founder
The Baseball Seams Co.

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  • Deb: March 01, 2022

    Please let me know when these are available.

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