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2021 Release - "Steel United" Christmas Ornament

2021 Release - "Steel United" Christmas Ornament

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Introducing our exclusive 2021 steel ornament release:  STEEL UNITED” proudly made in the United States of America 🇺🇸

     Steel is tough, resilient, dependable, and long-lasting; kind of like our families, our traditions, and the game that we love.

     This product was cut from hot rolled sheets of steel manufactured in the USA; carved with a plasma cutter and painted by hard working South Dakotans.  
     Before being painted, the metal was ground down to bare steel, symbolic of how challenges and adversity in our lives can be part of a refining process that leads to a better tomorrow. 

Want to support American businesses?  Everything about this product screams "Made in America" - from the sourcing of raw steel materials, to the local small business steel cutters, to the product packers and shippers (my family!)....even the marketing, packaging and shipping suppliers are sourced from companies here in the heartland.  

Ornament is approximately 4.5” wide and comes in a free craft gift box as pictured.  Bulk quantity discounts available.  Email for more info. 

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