USPS Monthly Postal Podcast Interview - "Take Me Out to the Mailbox"

Posted on May 24 2016

USPS Monthly Postal Podcast Interview -
Photo Credit: Peter Nowacki, USPS Communications It's funny what can happen with a simple 'thank you.'   Last Christmas, I was absolutely slammed with orders.  Several times a week, I...

Celebrating 12 Years with 12 Artworks & $1,200 to Charity

Posted on August 28 2013

This September marks The Baseball Seams Co., LLC’s (BSC) 12 year anniversary of providing unique, hand-crafted artwork to passionate baseball fans across the country.  BSC has had some exciting times...

How Baseballs are Made

Posted on February 15 2013

Have you ever wondered how a baseball is made?  This segment from the Discovery Channel's "How's it's Made" is a must-see for any baseball fan!  When your done watching this,...

New Product Announcement: "Seams of New York"

Posted on September 17 2011

  It's no secret how much New Yorkers love baseball.   And now, Artist, Nathan Rueckert has captured this love in a single image:  the New York "NY" symbol made...

Baseball Seams Co. ready for takeoff with SkyMall Catalog

Posted on July 08 2010

  07/01/2010 An estimated 1.7 million airline passengers fly every single day.  And if you’ve ever flown in a plane, there’s almost no doubt that you have at least flipped...

Cincinnati Reds Team Store on board with Seams Co.

Posted on June 03 2010

Photo courtesy of Derek Jensen, Wikipedia   6/03/2010 CINCINNATI, OH -  The Cincinnati Reds Team Store in Great American Ballpark will soon carry “America’s Game” and “Seams of Love” original...

Products Sold in Minnesota Twins' Team Store at Target Field

Posted on May 19 2010

5/19/2010 MINNEAPOLIS, MN -  The Baseball Seams Co. (BSC) has agreed to terms with sales representatives of the Minnesota Twins' Team Store to sell its products in the Twins' new ballpark,...

Seams of Love

Posted on April 24 2010

Love. It’s a word that’s thrown around in our culture in many different contexts. I love my wife, her amazing cooking, and how she complements me so well. I love...

1000 Original Artworks, 100 Quick Months, 10 Great Moments

Posted on April 15 2010

100 months. That’s the amount of time it took to hand-craft the first 1,000 America’s Game artworks. Seems like it was yesterday when I came up with the crazy idea...

Become a Fan on Facebook

Posted on September 14 2009

What started as a small, social networking site has turned into a world-wide phenomenom: “FB.” Or, to the non-twittering, non-abbreviating, upper-twenty something plus crowd: Facebook. Now with over 250 million...

"Hey Dad...Wanna Have a Catch?"

Posted on June 03 2009

This quote is from one of my favorite movies of all time – Field of Dreams, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the movie, Ray Kinsella plows his cornfield...

4/7/09 - "Meet the Artist" @ Busch Stadium

Posted on April 16 2009

Prior to the second game of the 2009 baseball season, the St. Louis Cardinals Team Store at Busch Stadium hosted a “Meet the Artist” session in the stadium. A large...

Busch Stadium to sell America's Game Products

Posted on April 03 2009

With MLB Opening Day right around the corner, I’m very excited to announce that the St. Louis Cardinals Team Store at Busch Stadium will be selling the entire America’s Game...

Baseball Seams Co. In The News

Posted on March 30 2009

The Baseball Seams Company has been featured by KSDK’s Show-Me St. Louis and Fox 2 News. Click on the videos to check them out.

Welcome to the Seams Co. Blog

Posted on March 21 2009

Welcome and thank you for visiting our web page! Whether you’re a past customer or just curious what The Baseball Seams Co. (BSC) is all about, we appreciate your time....

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