Small Batch No. 10 Wood Bat Home Plate Ornaments

Small Batch No. 10 Wood Bat Home Plate Ornaments



Product Description:  This listing is for ONE home plate shaped Christmas ornament that was carved from a batch of 28 broken baseball bats.  These bats were cracked, cleated, and worn down.  But the wear and tear experienced by the bats are what make these one-of-a-kind keepsakes so beautiful.  They are designed to inspire, encourage, and connect you with people that you love.  

Each home plate is between 1” and 2”  in size; each being uniquely different.  The backside of each heart is beautifully laser engraved with our 3-Seams logo.  Come in a canvas gift pouch.

Multiple home plates are pictured to show the unique variations of color and appearance.

Standard Home Plates are ones that have mostly plain exterior bat wood on the surface that are a variety of solid colors depending on the color of the bat wood.

Premium Home Plates have unique engravings, markings, names, or logos from the exterior bat wood.  

Lead time:  allow 3-5 business days processing time while supplies last.  

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